Chloe and JB Gill on Two Very Different Births

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Chloe and JB Gill on Two Very Different Births

Tuesday, 30 July

This week on Made by Mammas: The Podcast, we're talking about birth, what happens when things don't go 'to plan' and having very different birthing experiences with each baby. Zoe and Georgia chat through their experiences and invite a couple onto the podcast. Former boyband member JB Gill and wife Chloe have two children Ace and Chiara and live on a farm, and came in to chat all about parenting life.

JB and Chloe chat all about their farm and how they came to live and work on one, pregnancy, changes in Chloe's body, trying to induce labour naturally, a traumatic emergency C-section, a brilliant anaesthetist, the impact of traumatic birth on the partner as well as mum, feeling on the edge of PND, breastfeeding, and a very different second birth and the possibility of number three.

Plus, the products that get them through parenting life.

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