AAA 432: Flagship Phone Therapy

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AAA 432: Flagship Phone Therapy

Flagship phone sales are dipping while the midtier gets stronger.Google flips the script on how it presents search engine options in the EU.Play Pass offers a collection of premium games and apps for a monthly fee.Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is a new tablet for fans of premium Android slates.Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 adds a rotating bezel to the popular watch.Fossil unveils the Gen 5 Series with options for men and women.LG teases its hardware announcement for IFA 2019.NVIDIA might be near the release of two Shield TV devices.Google Assistant can now read and reply to any messaging app.New emergency feature allows for the silent summoning of help when needed.Google Fit now has wider support for sleep tracking with third-party devices.

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Hosts: Jason Howell and Ron Richards

Guest: Nicole Scott

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