142: What You Should Know About Women's Brains

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By Jim Kwik, Your Brain Coach, Founder www.KwikLearning.com

142: What You Should Know About Women's Brains

Thursday, 8 August

What should you know about women’s brains? 

The historical conception that male brains are superior to female brains is finally being overturned—but while there is no difference in our intelligence, there are subtle structural differences in female brains that can heighten the risk of health conditions for women, including Alzheimer’s disease, migraines, and depression. Few people are aware of this, so raising awareness and helping people to feel more comfortable seeking assistance with these types of health concerns is incredibly important. 

An international researcher in Alzheimer’s prevention, author of the incredible book Brain Food, and a nutrition expert and neuroscientist, today’s guest Lisa Mosconi has years of invaluable nutrition and neuroscience knowledge from a career spent working to prevent brain deterioration. 

You can check out my previous episode with Lisa here: Episode 88: Eating For Your Brain with Dr. Lisa Mosconi 

In this episode, we’ll explain the differences between female and male brains, including differences in hormones and health risks. We’ll explain some ways you can become more aware of women’s brain health, and explain what a typical brain scan might look like for a woman experiencing a decline in brain health. Finally, we’ll tell you why you should take care of yourself in the busiest decades of your life, and why you (or the women in your life) should never be ashamed of seeking out health treatment. 

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