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S2 Ep7: The Castro Assassin, Part 1

S2 Ep7: The Castro Assassin, Part 1

By Audioboom Studios

A young woman ends up in a whirlwind relationship with Fidel Castro. But hiding it from her family and living in a post-revolutionary country isn't her most prominent danger. It's the CIA, who are looking for someone close to Castro to recruit.

This episode is sponsored by:
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Covert's theme is "Anxiety" by Kai Engel. Music in this episode is  “Aevu”, ”aspirato," "Morbid Imagination," “machinery”, “Floret”, and ”Something (Bonus Track)" by Kai Engel; “A Cool Electric Rainy Night” by Mike Durek; “Sancho Panza Gets a Latte” and “Sardana” by Kevin Macleod; “Undercover Vampire Policeman” and “Take Off and Shoot a Zero” by Chris Zabriskie;  and “First Rays” by Jahzzar.
  Sound effects from by ramston, dkustic, Lubini, eelke, deleted_user_3720673, mwlandi, bennychico11, arnaud-coutancier, limwei, marcel-farres, cheeseheadburger, lawnjelly, FedeFrede, dobroide, sonsdebarcelona, dersuperanton, aboe, Ediecz, puniho, cosmicembers, kwahmah_02, ebcrosby, mushroomjesus, and ximian. Additional sound effects from Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License   
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