Larry Chism

Larry Chism

By Unresolved Productions

In July of 1974, a young college student from Memphis State University was sentenced to 40 years in state prison for his involvement in an illegal narcotics ring.

Larry Chism was a bright, unassuming young man who was nearing his graduation from law school when he was arrested and thrown into prison... a sentence that many assumed would consume a large chunk of his life. However, Larry had other plans. This sentence was merely a setback for him.

Between September and December of 1978, Larry would cook up two separate escape attempts: one from state prison, and another from a county jail (as he await sentencing). In the 40+ years since, federal investigators have nearly caught up to Chism on multiple occasions, but he has managed to elude them at each turn. He has since become the longest-lasting fugitive on the US Marshals Most Wanted list...

Written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan

Special thanks to Tim Fraley with the USMS, as well as his associates Victor, Adrian, and Rachael.
This episode would not have been possible without their hard work, and the rest of their partners in law enforcement.

Original music created by myself through Amper Music. Theme music created and composed by Ailsa Traves.

Producers: Maggyjames, Ben Krokum, Roberta Janson, Matthew Brock, Quil Carter, Peggy Belarde, Evan White, Laura Hannan, Astrid Kneier, Katherine Vatalaro, Damion Moore, Amy Hampton Miller, Scott Meesey, Steven Wilson, Scott Patzold, Kathy Marie, Marie Vanglund, Lori Rodriguez, Emily McMehen, Jessica Yount, Brian Rollins, and Allie Ibarra

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