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"I'm really worried that I'm going to be banned from Easyjet!"

"I'm really worried that I'm going to be banned from Easyjet!"

By Robyn Richford & Sophie Brown

Warning: This podcast contains strong opinions, rants, words and complete and utter honesty.

This week on Loose Lips - we're back in the studio baby!

On today's ep - Anna is feeling that pregnancy horn, Luisa was not so into the sex whilst pregnant, 4 voicenotes from a very excited listener, Enzo has an imaginary friend, Luisa sat on the pelvic floor orgasmic box, we're not calling nunnies vulvas, and some great listener messages including a friend who had a sex review, the lady who laughed at a disabled man by mistake (tut tut) and the lady who used a friend's scarf to wipe her bum.

Plus, Neil and Katya Jones split, Lu makes the news, two more lovely loose lips weirdos and a very short rant.

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