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Series 7, Episode 3 (Heidi Regan & Darren Harriott)

Series 7, Episode 3 (Heidi Regan & Darren Harriott)


Heidi Regan and Darren Harriott are the guests for an eventually rather filthy show which which covers the genteel subjects of breaking down a door and getting on with people you dislike at work before taking a turn with a neighbour's dirty doggy, a quick detour via tall people at music gigs, a bizarre trip into Creme Eggs before a surprisingly bodily-function-heavy chat with brilliant - nay, WORLD RECORD-HOLDING - marathon running expert guest Kate Carter.

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Special Thanks this episode to... Gemma Higgins for transcription, Gwyn Rhys Davies for his assistance at the recording and The Phoenix in London for hosting the gig.

Additional credits: Music by Martin White, additional material by David Reed, illustration by Sally Grosart, produced by Ben Walker

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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