Emily Leary on Feeding your Fussy Eaters

Emily Leary on Feeding your Fussy Eaters

By Made By Mammas

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Tuesday, 20 August

This week on Made By Mammas, we're talking food, one of our absolute favourite subjects. But getting food into our kids can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare, meaning we're cooking multiple meals every night to suit everyone. So, this week we've invited blogger, cookbook author and a mummy too, Emily Leary to come in to chat all about getting your kids to eat anything.

Emily talks about how she got into the food world, how to get your kids interested in food, building a positive relationship with food, kids being allowed not to like certain things, getting kids involved in the kitchen, and lots and lots of ideas, tips and tricks to get your kids eating lots of different types of foods and joining in with the cooking.

Plus, the best products out there to get your kids eating and in the kitchen.

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