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S2 Ep9: Che Guevara's Last Revolution, Part 1

S2 Ep9: Che Guevara's Last Revolution, Part 1

By Audioboom Studios

After two years of flying under the radar, guerilla attacks on the Bolivian army meant the presence of the notorious Che Guevara. But without hard evidence, the United States couldn't get too involved . .. so they sent in foreign CIA agent Felix Rodriguez to see the mission through. Meanwhile, Guevara thought a Bolivian revolution would spread throughout South America . . . but instead, it would bring about his downfall.

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Covert's theme is "Anxiety" by Kai Engel.  Music in this episode is "Cendres", "aspirato," “Smoldering” and “Something (Bonus Track)” by Kai Engel; “sardana” by Kevin Macleod; “Guldhelden Eftermiddag” by Ars Sonor; “Thin Line” by Jahzzar; “Toxick Spill” by Ad Serpentae; “Phoenix” by Sergey Cheremisinov; “Take Off and Shoot a Zero” by Chris Zabriskie; and “Burnt to a Crisp” by Daniel Birch.

Sound effects from by CastleofSamples, Glaneur-de-sons, CGEffex, lawnjelly, ceberation, pauliep83, Leafs67, deleted_user_3720673, mwilkinsss, ximian,  stereodivo, InspectorJ, YleArkisto,  and cmroybal. Additional sound effects from Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 
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