# 118  - The Souvenir / Bait / Straw Dogs

Truth & Movies: A Little White Lies Podcast

By Little White Lies

# 118 - The Souvenir / Bait / Straw Dogs

Wednesday, 28 August

This week sees the release of not one but two British classics-in-the-making. Michael Leader is joined by Adam Woodward and T&M first-timer Ian Mantgani of Badlands Collective fame to espouse the myriad virtues of Joanna Hogg’s intimate relationship drama, The Souvenir, and Mark Jenkin’s experimental monochrome culture-clash drama Bait. Capping off this episode, we revisit Sam Peckinpah’s notorious home invasion thriller from 1971, Straw Dogs, a film that has lost none of its ability to shock. 

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