Woody (Bastille) - The Rise of Bastille, Touring & Becoming a Dad

Woody (Bastille) - The Rise of Bastille, Touring & Becoming a Dad

By Kate McGill

Woody is the drummer for the ridiculously talented and successful band Bastille. In June, they released their third album Doom Days and it&aposs personally my all-time favourite. I can&apost listen to their song Joy and not feel exactly that. Being in a band that size and touring that much has to come with some crazy ups and downs, so I was so excited to have the opportunity to sit down with him and pick apart what it&aposs like to live a life like that. Having toured just a fraction of the amount they have, I know how hectic it can get - so for him to be on the road whilst having two kids and a beautiful wife at home - is all sorts of admirable and cool. I loved chatting to him so much. Hope you enjoy!

We dive into how Bastille began, Brexit, their intense touring schedule, becoming a Dad, the best gigs they&aposve played, their rise to fame, the bits about the music industry people don&apost know and much more.

That amazing book I was talking about! - The Untethered Soul

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