6. One For Sorrow

6. One For Sorrow

By Skylark Media

Lynn is too late. Despite her best efforts, the baby is coming and she is still not ready. She has been spotted.
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Earth Break was: Directed by Aaron Katz Produced by April Lamb  Written by Morgan Ormond  Story by Morgan Ormond, Will Rogers, and Derrick Smith Associate produced by Will Rogers executive produced by Ryan Hogan, Derrick   Smith, and Joshua Holley  Starring Jenny Slate
Original Music by Keegan Dewitt Post Sound Services provided by Unbridled Sound Sound Supervisor and Re-Recording Mixer - Brent Kiser Production Sound by Kirbie Seis  Dialogue Editor - Kinsey Green FX Edit - James Singleton  FX Edit - Katrina Zemrak  FX Editor - Matt Conzelmann  Mix Technician - Ian Chase Coordinator - Katherine LeBlond Audio Coordinator - Jim Cashman PA services by Brendan McFadden Production Studio - York Recording
Additional Sound Editing by Clear Commo Studios Distributed by Audioboom Special thanks to Carmen Calvo, Founder of The Nurturing Root
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