144: The Greatest Asset for Your Brain Performance & Career with Nicole Lapin

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By Jim Kwik, Your Brain Coach, Founder www.KwikLearning.com

144: The Greatest Asset for Your Brain Performance & Career with Nicole Lapin

Monday, 9 September

You might be working hard, but feeling like you are not working hard enough. You might be looking at perfectly curated feeds on social media and feeling like your own life is not enough in comparison. You might be trying to get to the bottom of a seemingly endless to-do list. This constant workload is leading many people to burnout, a condition that has recently been recognized by the World Health Organization as a widespread health risk.

A businesswoman, news anchor, and New York Times bestselling author, today’s guest Nicole Lapin looked like she had it all for years. Behind the scenes, she was experiencing exhaustion and burnout and is here to tell us how we can avoid going down the same path.

Nicole Lapin is an American television news anchor, author, and businesswoman. She is known for being an American news anchor on CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg. Lapin also served as a finance correspondent for Morning Joe on MSNBC and The Today Show on NBC. She is The New York Times bestselling author of Rich Bitch and Boss Bitch. Her latest book, Becoming Super Woman, is out this September.

In this episode, we will explain why self-care can be the greatest asset to your career. We will explain how widespread burnout, and give you some practical tips to avoid or recover from it. Finally, we will give you some challenges to do to get you on the path to balance and improved self-care.

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