Unpacking the internet with Jia Tolentino

Unpacking the internet with Jia Tolentino

By Financial Times

FT Weekend

Tuesday, 10 September

As The New Yorker magazine's go-to millennial, Jia Tolentino writes cultural criticism about the internet and how it affects us. She recently published Trick Mirror, a wildly popular collection of essays that explores contemporary culture. On this episode, Jia speaks with Gris about how the internet is moulding us in its image ("and it's important to remember that we are very mouldable!"). She also considers how it feels to find professional success on Twitter, a platform that can be ultimately harmful. Trick Mirror doesn't attempt to solve these problems; it just exposes and untangles them. Later in the episode, Lilah and Gris discuss whether that's enough.

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Relevant links:

Jia's New Yorker piece on vaping: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/05/14/the-promise-of-vaping-and-the-rise-of-juul

The FT book review of Trick Mirror (paywall): https://www.ft.com/content/c5454c2e-a70b-11e9-90e9-fc4b9d9528b4

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