Gabrielle Aplin - Burnout, Veganism & Living With ADHD

Gabrielle Aplin - Burnout, Veganism & Living With ADHD

By Kate McGill

My guest today is GABRIELLE BLOODY APLIN, ladies and gentlemen! We both grew up on YouTube together back in 2008 - and I remember seeing her videos and thinking... holy mother of God. Who is this woman?? Her MGMT &aposElectric Feel&apos cover still blows my mind to this day. She was wonderful enough to invite Meadowlark on tour with her after we&aposd only been a band for a few months! She&aposs been nothing but kind and supportive to me over the years and it was a total pleasure to sit down with her and chat PROPERLY after only ever really saying hi and bye to eachother at gigs. She&aposs just announced the release date of her third album Dear Happy, alongside an absolute banger of a debut single &aposKintsugi&apos! I could go on and on, but instead I&aposll just highly recommend you let yourself indulge in her beauty on Spotify (after listening to our episode of course)!

We dive into what it means to be truly free, burning out after her extensive PR/touring schedule, her ADHD diagnosis and what it feels like to live with that, mental health in general, veganism, being your own boss and lots more!

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