Case 125: The Angels of Wynarka & Belanglo

Case 125: The Angels of Wynarka & Belanglo

By Casefile Presents

Saturday, 21 September

In mid-July 2015, a motorist was travelling down the Karoonda Highway in South Australia when he pulled over near the small town of Wynarka to urinate. As he made his way into the thick bushland framing the side of the road, he noticed an array of dirty, torn children’s clothing strewn under a patch of trees. In front was an abandoned suitcase. He crouched down to unzip the case and began rummaging through its contents. Inside, he found a small human jawbone.


Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host
Episode researched and written by Alyssa Fletcher, Elsha McGill and Milly Raso
Additional edits by Erin Munro  Creative Director: Milly Raso 
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