Episode 113 - Gable Tostee: Part 2 - The Aftermath


By True Crime with Suruthi & Hannah

Episode 113 - Gable Tostee: Part 2 - The Aftermath

Thursday, 26 September

2 years after Gable Tostee was arrested for the murder of Warriena Wright he stood trial. In this week’s episode the girls delve into the aftermath, the court case, Tostee’s bizarre past behaviour towards women - and vitally all of the information that the jury weren’t told at his trial...


What The Gable Tostee Jury Wasn't Told


Gable Tostee could face fresh charges for death of Tinder date Warriena Wright on Gold Coast


Gable Tostee's parents have defended his actions on the night Warriena Wright died.


Gable Tostee murder trial hears Warriena Wright's body severely mangled



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