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#21 EP Elections in the Visegrad Four

#21 EP Elections in the Visegrad Four

By Zselyke Csaky & Gergely Romsics


This episode is the first segment of a two-part series with Talk Eastern Europe (TEE) on the results of the European Parliament elections in Central Europe. We talk to Edit Zgut, a visiting lecturer at the Center for Europe in the University of Warsaw and discuss the V4 and what is next for the opposition in Hungary and Poland. Stay tuned for part two on Bulgaria, Romania, and more Poland with TEE! 

History minute: The Left That’s Not There — Social Democratic Parties in Central Europe


2019 Election Results, European Parliament

Why Brussels Overlooks Central Europeans for Top EU Jobs, Edit Zgut, Politico Europe, 21 May 2019

End of the Third Way, Marcin Zaborowski & Wojciech Przybylski, Visegrad Insight, 27 May 2019

Talk Eastern Europe, New Eastern Europe, 2019


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