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#20 Presidential Elections in Slovakia

#20 Presidential Elections in Slovakia

By Zselyke Csaky & Gergely Romsics


Progressive newcomer Zuzana Caputova secured a surprise victory in Slovakia’s presidential elections this past weekend. We talk about what led to her success and what it means for the future of the country with Oľga Gyárfášova, the director of the Institute of European Studies and International Relations at Comenius University in Bratislava.

History minute: Presidents and their Powers


The Winter of Our Discontent, Olga Gyarfasova, Visegrad Insight, 27 April 2018

Can Zuzana Caputova Save Slovakia, Dariusz Kalan, Foreign Policy, 28 March 2019

Hailed by Liberals, Slovakia’s First Female President is Under a Lot of Pressure to Turn the of Populism, Emily Tamkin, Washington Post, 1 April 2019

The Fourth Generation: From Anti-Establishment to Anti-System Parties in Slovakia, Olga Gyarfasova, New Perspectives, Volume 26, Nr. 1/2018


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