Hinkley Point C costs, Teslas one million mile battery & we are reducing our carbon footprint

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Hinkley Point C costs, Teslas one million mile battery & we are reducing our carbon footprint

Monday, 30 September

Robert on a shoot in Sardinia where he is test driving the new Renault Zoe. Unfortunately he is not seeing much sign of renewable energy, so he questions the affordability of various sustainable resources and wonders if renewables really are made for the people at the people budgets, or is it still an elitist luxury. 

Fully Charged are doubling down on our carbon footprint with how we do reviews and travel across the EU and the rest of the world.

Robert discusses battery technology with the announcement of the 1 million battery from Tesla.

Finally, Robert goes all sorts of cross with the new announcement from EDF about the recently announced Hinkley Point C increase in cost. Apparently the ground there is very difficult(!)

Battery story:


Hinkley Point C Story:


Battery technology advancements:


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