100: EP100: Let’s Celebrate,  Kail Opening a Restaurant, and Chris Watts Murders

Coffee Convos Podcast with Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley

By Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley

100: EP100: Let’s Celebrate, Kail Opening a Restaurant, and Chris Watts Murders

Thursday, 10 October

This week, Coffee Convos is celebrating their 100th podcast episode! Kail and Lindsie start this monumental episode by reflecting on all the things they've filmed, and what it's been like to deal with the public's opinion along the way. Kail addresses an issue she's experiencing with her dog being up to no good. The dynamic duo also discuss having so much going on in their lives, but simultaneously feeling like nothing's actually going on at all. Can you relate? Lindsie ask for advice on how to coordinate her days when Jackson is back at school, & why it’s been such a hard adjustment for her. Kail proposes the possibility of opening a restaurant. They talk about updates in the chilling Chris Watts murder case, & give their thoughts on the most recent developments. The couple also talk about the strange process of associating emotion with “things” & why they both don’t attach themselves emotionally to houses or cars etc. Kail shares her experiences with her recent visit to PennHurst Haunted Asylum & why she has so many questions after going. Lindsie shares as to why places like PennHurst should no exploit in poor taste as an attraction that families loved ones were once housed, and restrict their labeling as a historical site only. Conversation moves swiftly on to the popular clothing company Forever 21 filing for bankruptcy, & how a lot of girls are going to suffer from this catastrophic closing. They talk about how people read way deeper into things on social media than they really should, & why they feel that friendships/relationships shouldn’t be based off of different beliefs. Kail and Lindsie round off their 100th podcast by completing a thorough clean out of a year's worth of old pictures, and laugh at their seemingly crazy collection of screenshots, that any normal person would struggle to understand. This and more, on this week's 100th Coffee Convos Podcast, hosted by Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley.
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