Inside the Bubble with Ayesha Hazarika: Live!

Inside the Bubble with Ayesha Hazarika: Live!

By David Runciman and Catherine Carr

In a special live edition as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, David talks with journalist, comedian and former special adviser Ayesha Hazarika and Helen Thompson about the state of British politics. As three years of Brexit torture (maybe) reach a climax, we explore what it feels like on the inside, for politicians and for voters. What's been the psychological toll?? What's going on inside the Labour party? And is politics really worse than it's ever been? Recorded live at the Cambridge Junction on the evening of Weds 16 October, to celebrate our 3rd birthday.

Talking Points: 

UK politics today feels different—but what explains this change?

Labour’s collapse in Scotland changed the dynamics. Labour now needs the SNP to govern.Another change is that there are no longer fiscal constraints on government spending.

Brexit has brought Parliament into people’s lives in a whole new way.

Although, it’s important to note, that not everyone is obsessed with Brexit.Discourse within Parliament has gotten nastier. The old norms no longer seem to be holding.We are no longer in an era of interchangeable leaders.

Is British political rhetoric dead? 

In the past, resignation speeches could bring down governments. But despite heightened public attention, the rhetoric surrounding Brexit is largely unremarkable.

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