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Episode 163: Rosie Ramsey on relationships, Strictly and Instagram

Episode 163: Rosie Ramsey on relationships, Strictly and Instagram

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

Our guest for this episode is the legend that is Rosie Ramsey! We cover a wide range of topics including how having kids can change your relationship, Coleen vs. Rebecca, and why Rosie used to dress up as a monkey for money. 

There's some chat about Rosie's husband, the comedian Chris Ramsey, and how he's enjoying his time on Strictly. We talk about how Rosie has become an Instagram sensation and the challenges of managing a career when you have kids. The Accent Game returns, and we make a Dane Bowers-related prediction for the future. 

Follow Rosie on Instagram @rosemarinoramsey. Her brilliant podcast is called Shagged, Married, Annoyed - it's on all the things, or go to for links. 

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