132: Empowering Women, Saying No & Looking After Yourself with Indrani Goradia

132: Empowering Women, Saying No & Looking After Yourself with Indrani Goradia

By Meg Kissack | The Rebel Rousers: Creativity, Inspiration & Dreamchasing

Hello Couragemakers and welcome to another episode of The Couragemakers Podcast!

This week I had the absolute delight of talking with Indrani Goradia!

Indrani is a philanthropist and advocate for women’s health and empowerment. She is the founder of Indrani’s Light Foundation, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to improving the level of care for domestic violence survivors by training and supporting front-line domestic violence caregivers in reducing compassion fatigue and burnout.

An author, speaker and certified life coach, Indrani has delivered keynote addresses at conferences and leads workshops around the world, including World Women’s Health and Development Forum at the United Nations, the Nexus Conference in Jamaica, the UBS’s “It’s a Girl” conference in Switzerland, Global India Fund’s Girl Rising Screening and panel in D.C, Women Moving Millions, at the 2016 Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen. She did a Tedx Talk titled “Love Expressed as Violence is a Lie” at TEDx Port of Spain 2015 .

Indrani completed her formal education in New York City, attending Queens College and Kent State University. She is currently preparing to begin a certification in Social Impact Strategy at UPenn and an executive leadership program at THNK in Amsterdam for 2019.  She is also tri-athlete and marathoner in her spare time.

During our conversation, Indrani shares how she realised her life mission, what inspired her mission and how she sustains herself along the way.

We dive into SO many great things during this episode including a very practical way of saying no, dealing with toxic people, why recovery time is so important and how Indrani reparents herself.

This episode is a great reminder of how what people say says more about them, that we need to put ourselves on the top of our list and why selfish is such a fantastic word!

Indiani’s spirit is absolutely contagious. If you need some courage to deal with toxic people in your life, a permission slip to look after yourself as well as the people around you, and some extra sass in your life, this is the episode for you!

Enjoy the show!

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