The Journey #2 - Pat Lawler

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By Sean Allen

The Journey #2 - Pat Lawler

In this episode of The Journey I sit down with Pat Lawler. Pat is a full-time commercial airline pilot who has been learning Swift and iOS Development in his downtime for a few years now. Pat gives great advice on having the tenacity to power through learning roadblocks and how to avoid the "tutorial trap". We also get to hear about Pat's goals for learning iOS development in becoming a part-time contractor to earn some extra income while he travels. 

The Journey is a series of interviews with aspiring iOS developers from the community where we discuss where they are at in their journey to become an iOS Developer. We talk their stuggles and their successes in hopes to give insights to those of you on this same journey. I also give advice along the way.

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The Journey #2 - Pat Lawler
The Journey #2 - Pat Lawler
iOS Dev Discussions - Sean Allen