64 Men's Month Special 1 - With James Acaster

64 Men's Month Special 1 - With James Acaster

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 6 November

After 14 months of exclusively letting women flex their drunk detective skills, the ladies thought they'd honour International Men's Day on 19th November the only way they know how...by inviting four men round throughout the month and plying them with hard booze in order to solve a past crime.

First off we have comedian James Acaster, who came laden with a 'great' cocktail recipe and a request for Tia Maria, vodka and stout... here ladies and gentlemen for your listening pleasure, is the result of that union.

James kicks things off by telling a story that confirms he's more than qualified to join the force, after starting early in life at the detecting game. The gang then attempt to get to the bottom of a crime involving an unconfirmed spiritual possession (whilst in possession of some spirits of their own). They then set about cracking a listener case, with a slightly inaccurate method of proving if someone may or may not be guilty, usually reserved for the kangaroo court of the playground.

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