Change is in the air

Change is in the air

By Virgin

In this week’s episode of Earth Unscrewed we learn about some of the incredible things that are being done to make the aviation industry more sustainable.

Over the last century air travel has completely transformed the way we live – connecting distant lands and communities and allowing us to become a truly global economy.

While there have been many benefits accompanying the evolution of global travel and the transformation of how we work and play, it has also come with challenges – a notable one being significant carbon emissions.

In this, the fourth episode of Earth Unscrewed’s second season, you’ll learn how Virgin Atlantic is working to reduce emissions and drive forwards sector-leading sustainability initiatives. You’ll also hear about a bacteria that transforms waste into jet fuel (!) – just one of the sustainable aviation fuel initiatives that are reducing carbon across the industry.

Presenters Helen Scales & Seyi Rhodes speak to Emma Harvey, head of sustainability at Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays, and Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of revolutionary carbon recycling company, LanzaTech.

Change is in the air. Learn about it and get on board.

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