Episode #32 - Feat. Dion Waiters

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

By Barstool Sports

Episode #32 - Feat. Dion Waiters

On Today’s Special Episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game Gillie and Wallo chop it up with none other than NBA star Dion Waiters.

NBA LIFE (2:58)
Locker Room Rumbles (5:19)
Bron Vs KD (6:56)
Family & Friends Change (10:57)
What Happened To That Food? (20:11)
Who Would You Be? “DRUGS, JAIL, Or WHORE”
If you Could Change 1 thing about yourself (28:19)
Reverse Layups (34:46)
Wave Caps in Public (36:29)
Million Dollaz Worth Of Game: Robbed in Jersey (38:06)
The Costly Streets (42:40)
Jail is on The List (48:23)
The Dream Team Debate (55:27)
Goals for This Year (1:07:15)

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