Charmaine Chan, LucasFilm: making Disney+ new Star Wars show The Mandalorian

Charmaine Chan, LucasFilm: making Disney+ new Star Wars show The Mandalorian

By The Evening Standard

If you’ve watched Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, Marvel’s Black Panther and Captain America Civil War, Jurassic World, or a whole host of other big-budget Hollywood movies in the past decade or so, you will have watched Charmaine Chan’s work. But if she’s good at her job – and she is – you probably won’t have even realised.

Charmaine is a lead compositor for Industrial Light and Magic, the visual effects house owned by Lucasfilm (in turn owned by Disney) which has been responsible for bringing superheroes, Jedi and boy wizards to life. Most recently she’s been working on Disney’s hotly-anticipated Star Wars spin-off TV series, The Mandalorian, launching on the same day as this podcast episode (it’s as if we planned it!) on Disney’s new streaming service Disney+.

Charmaine is also a passionate advocate of Women in the movie business, who has launched a video series,, aimed at highlighting the work of women across her industry. In this episode of Women Tech Charge, Charmain chats to Anne Marie about her journey as a ‘queer woman of colour’ in an industry which, she says, needs to work harder to achieve greater diversity both on- and off-screen.

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