Episode 164: How to Have More Orgasms with The Hotbed Collective

Episode 164: How to Have More Orgasms with The Hotbed Collective

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

How do you get over a sex drought? How many women can orgasm from penetrative sex? And does wearing socks in bed really make it easier to come? Answering all these questions are the amazing Anniki and Lisa from The Hotbed Collective! 

We cover an enormously wide range of topics, from getting back into sex after you've had a baby to how often we should be fiddling with ourselves. Along with some practical tips, there's some chat about sex toys for men, perving over Tom Selleck, and what happened when Anniki watched porn every day for a week. 

The brilliant book More Orgasms Please is out now. Follow these legends @thehotbedcollective on all the things. 

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