TN:29 Floating Points

Tape Notes

By In The Woods

TN:29 Floating Points

Tuesday, 12 November

In this episode John heads to EMS4 studios in Shoreditch to chat with Floating Points a.k.a Sam Shepherd, about how he recorded and produced his latest release, Crush. 

Talking from deep within Sam’s musical laboratory, we peer behind the curtain and find out how Floating Points music is created and crafted, pulling apart some of the tracks from his second album along the way. We get to hear how live performance and classical music are a serious influence in his writing process in addition to experimenting with the impressive number of synths he’s collected over the years. Geekery is in abundance in this episode. 

Listen to find out why space was scant in Sam’s student bedroom, who sick Anna actually is and why sometimes all you need is a Yamaha Reface CS in your backpack. 

Tracks discussed: Last Bloom, Annasickmodualr, Bias.


Listen to 'Crush' here.

'Crush' - Pluto Records, Ninja Tune.



S950 sampler, 

ARP 2600, API 1608, 

API vision, 

API 512c pre, 

STUDER A80 tape machine, 

ARP Rhodes Chroma, 

Yamaha CS70, 


MAM ADX1 Drum Machine, 

Marshall time modulator, 

Yamaha Reface CS



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