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Who has a seat at the innovation table?

Who has a seat at the innovation table?

By Nesta

Engineer and designer Nicola Millar joins AI specialist Simi Awokoya to discuss inclusivity and diversity with host Tiernan Douieb and Nesta’s Madeleine Gabriel


We listen in on a conversation about Nicola’s quest to design a menopause ‘pebble’ with focus-group member, Emily. They meet to talk about how an honest conversation with women heading into the menopause led to the product Emily trials for Nicola.


Nesta’s Alex Glennie gives a glimpse into inclusive innovation in Vietnam with her report on disability, from Hanoi. 


With special thanks to NICA and The Voice


 Links featured in this episode

Nesta’s 12 women shaping AI report Inclusive innovation  Witty Careers and the next Career Clinic is on 21 November in Camden, London

Read more about menopause tech, The Pebble


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Future Curious is presented by Tiernan Douieb and produced and published by Nesta’s communication team. This episode was recorded and edited at Wardour Studios. Original music by Ged Flood.

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