TN:30 Tune-Yards

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By In The Woods

TN:30 Tune-Yards

Wednesday, 20 November

In this episode John links up with Merrill and Nate from Tune-Yards to talk about how they recorded and produced the soundtrack to Sorry To Bother You and also dive into a classic from the TY back-catalogue. 

Speaking from the other side of the pond Merrill and Nate dig into 3 tracks they scored for the Boots Riley directorial debut, exploring the methods and techniques they used whilst recording and discuss how this differs from their usual writing process. We also revisit the Tune-Yards favourite Gangsta, hearing of its humble beginnings in front of an audience in Germany to a full track breakdown. 

Listen to find out how Merrill makes her yodel loops, how Walkman’s and Telephone’s left their mark on Gangsta, and whether or not we find out what the band's undercover pseudonym is when they want to play anonymously. 

Tracks discussed: Gangsta, SIGNS (Detroit's Theme), Revealed, Steve Lift’s Party


Listen to 'WHOKILL' here.

Listen to 'Sorry To Bother You' here.

'WHOKILL' & 'Sorry To Bother You' - 4AD Ltd



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