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Season Four Trailer! Deep Dive - Society, Culture, and Advocacy

Season Four Trailer! Deep Dive - Society, Culture, and Advocacy

By Podcast Movement

We're just one week away from the season four premier of Podcast Movement Sessions! This season we're taking an in-depth look at the Society, Culture, and Advocacy track at PM19...through conversations conducted on-site in Orlando by host Ted Woods and audio pulled directly from the Podcast Movement stage, we’re touching on the issues that are affecting the community and speaking with the creators making a positive change in the podcasting space. Episodes one and two will drop on Friday November 29th! Tell your friends to rate and episodes every Friday!!

Season four guests include:

Earlonne Woods (Co-Host/Co-Producer, Ear Hustle), Nigel Poor (Co-Host/Co-Producer, Ear Hustle), Jen Chien (Lead Editor, 70 Million), Eve Abrams (Host/Producer, Unprisoned; contributor, 70 Million), Justin Ling (Host/Reporter, Uncover: The Village), Amber Hunt (Host/Reporter, Accused), Tangia Renee Estrada (Host, That's What She Did), Elsie Escobar (Co-Host, She Podcasts), EB Moss (Head of Content Strategy, Media Village; Host, Insider InSites), Alia Tavakolian (Co-Founder/Head of Content, Spoke Media), Christina Dana (Producer, Tenderfoot TV--Up and Vanished, Sworn), Meredith Stedman (Producer, Tenderfoot TV--Up and Vanished, Radio Rental, Atlanta Monster), Lindsey Smith (Co-Host/Reporter, Believed), Maribel Quezada Smith (Host, Diferente), Allyson Marino (Founder, Lipstick & Vinyl), Christina Barsi (Founder, Avant Haus Media), Laura Cathcart Robbins (Host, The Only One In The Room), Holly Frey (Co-Host, Stuff You Missed In History Class), Tracy V. Wilson (Co-Host, Stuff You Missed In History Class), Connor Wright (Co-Creator, Gay Future), Christina Friel (Co-Creator, Gay Future), Leigh Pffefer (Co-Host, History Is Gay), Dan Franks (Co-Founder/President, Podcast Movement), and Jared Easley (Co-Founder/Head of Community & Content, Podcast Movement)

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