Episode #36 -

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

By Barstool Sports

Episode #36 -

On today’s Episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game Gillie reveals a theory that may shock the foundation of the MWorth Family as the question is posed: Did Wallo Join the Illuminati? Also along with Dev the fellas rank the Top 5 Pornstars & Gangsta Rappers of All Time. 

Illuminati Lo (5:14)

Definition of A Good Father (7:54)

Family Security Guard (16:16)

Who Would You Be? FREAKBUL EDITION (25:20)

She Said No (31:19)

Top5 Pornstars Of All Time (36:20)

Aspiring Actor (43:19)

Top5 Gangsta Rappers Of All Time (45:31)

Stories From The Cell: STEM-MAN (52:02)

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