Why do Leaves Fall in Autumn? How do Birds make their Nests? How was Football Invented?

Everything Under The Sun

By Molly Oldfield

Why do Leaves Fall in Autumn? How do Birds make their Nests? How was Football Invented?

Friday, 29 November

Everything Under the Sun is back! This week we're answering questions about autumn leaves, birds nests and football!

To answer the question about leaves we have Karen from The Woodland Trust in England. Join us to discover how trees hibernate a bit like hedgehogs and why they make beautiful coloured leaves that fall in Autumn.

Find out all about birds and their nests, the biggest nest and the smallest nest in the world as well as birds that build nests out of pebbles, borrow other birds nests or just don't bother with nests at all!

Uncover the story of how football went from being a bun fight between rival villages with hundreds of people joining in to the international game with rules it is now with James Harkin, writer for the TV show QI and host of No Such Thing as A Fish podcast.

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I hope you have a lovely week walking in the beautiful leaves if its Autumn where you are, perhaps you'll spot a birds nest or kick a football about. 


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