68 DRUNK WOMEN LIVE: With Kerry Howard

68 DRUNK WOMEN LIVE: With Kerry Howard

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 4 December

Although at the time of release we're all gearing-up for Christmas, the team at Drunk Women Towers invite you to cast your minds back to Halloween 2019 when our tipsy trio boarded the ghost train to foggy Corsham so they could bring Drunk Women Solving Crime to the West Country.

You just need to know that because they all talk about being dressed up at the start, but other than that it could be any drunken evening, as the team dive into the life of a confidence trickster whose story became a blockbusting film... don't try to guess what the film is at this stage, because it's really annoying - all will be revealed.

As usual they enlist the help of a star super-sleuth and so the wonderful actor, writer and right good laff Kerry Howard engaged her little grey cells and pretty much solved it (along with a woman in the audience who clearly LOVES the film of the story).

Huge thanks to all at the Pound Arts Centre, Corsham for supplying a fine wine cellar and for their hospitality.

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