AAA 449: Google Gripes for Sundar

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AAA 449: Google Gripes for Sundar

Larry and Sergey handoff Alphabet and Google to Sundar PichaiA new Android malware threat called STRAND HOGGTelco RCS implementations are exposing users to vulnerabilitiesQualcomm unveils Snapdragon 865 and 765 platformsFlorence Ion has a first look of the new Lenovo Smart DisplayMatteo's Hardware Shack with:Doogee S95 Pro, Doogee S68 Pro and Doogee N100Honor V30 and Honor Magic Watch 2Honor 9X and Oppo Reno2Private messaging to share your Google PhotosThe Google Play Store's Best of 2019

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Ron - Nude - Auto Hide Private Photos & Videos - Alipay - Tile Shortcuts - Quick settings apps and shortcuts Week's Poll

Hosts: Florence Ion and Ron Richards

Guest: Matteo Doni

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