TN:32 Cold War Kids & Lars Stalfors

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By In The Woods

TN:32 Cold War Kids & Lars Stalfors

Wednesday, 4 December

In this episode John straddles the pond and catches up with Nathan from Cold War Kids and producer Lars Stalfors to talk about how the album New Age Norms 1 was recorded and produced. 

Speaking from a studio in North Hollywood the pair discuss how the album was brought to life shining a light on their writing process and revealing the craft and philosophy behind a Cold War Kids track. 

Listen to find out why Nathan can only play something once when recording, how an accident with Pro Tools inspired the intro to Dirt In My Eyes, and what helps Lars sleep at night. 

Tracks Discussed: Complainer, Dirt In My Eyes, Beyond The Pale 


Listen to 'New Age Norms 1' here.

'New Age Norms 1' - CWKTWO Corp. u AWAL Recordings



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