Megan Rose Lane on How to be Kind to Yourself

Megan Rose Lane on How to be Kind to Yourself

By Made By Mammas

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Tuesday, 10 December

This week, the wonderful instagrammer, speaker, writer, entrepreneur and Mum, Megan Rose Lane came in to tell us all how to be kinder to ourselves and stand in our power.

Megan, Zoe and Georgia talk about her instagram journey, moving away from beauty and makeup and into body confidence, standing in her power, being more than 'beautiful', being a role model for her daughter, being introduced to spirituality, taking life by the balls, becoming a single mum, being gentle and kind to yourself, not 'snapping back' and being brainwashed to think that thin is healthy, tips to be kinder to ourselves as mums and to pick ourselves up when we look in the mirror plus Megan's 5 products that she uses every day.

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