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Episode 166: Christmas 2019 with the usual idiots

Episode 166: Christmas 2019 with the usual idiots

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

It's Chriiiiiiist Mas! And that means it's time for Nurse Jessie and Steve Hill to join us once again for some daft old festive nonsense. 

As is tradition, we discuss whether the snowman actually does bring the snow, wish Linda a happy birthday, and review some ham. We talk about our highlights of the year, including getting breathalysed and pissing in a pub car park. 

There is a Christmas message from Ellie's Dad, Jessie does a festive joke, and Steve Hill reveals his patented technique for farting in a van. Why they won't let us on Radio 4 we just don't know. We have a new game, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Crispmas, plus - by popular demand - there's a special Christmas edition of The Accent Game. 

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Thank you also to Asda and Hello Cheese for providing us with some festive food. Bigup The Phoenix comic - to get four issues of their excellent publication for just a one pound, visit their website.

You can follow Steve Hill on Twitter @hillythefish. Nurse Jessie just wants people to respect her family's right to live a normal life. 

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