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Audio Narrative Do's and Don'ts

Audio Narrative Do's and Don'ts

By Podcast Movement

Audio narrative how-to from heavy hitters in one of podcasting's most popular genres: True Crime. How they crafted award winning audio narrative podcasts including In The Dark, Accused, Uncover: The Village, Unprisoned, and 70 Million.

We'll discuss the editorial process with 70 Million lead editor Jen Chien (2:18); reporters Eve Abrams and Daniel Rivero discuss the difference between journalism and advocacy (7:44); Eve shares her thoughts on cultivating sources (12:18); Justin Ling on the role of community buy-in (14:44); Natalie Jablonski on moving to Winona, MS to cover the Curtis Flowers case for season two of In The Dark (17:41); plus: we'll shine our Podcast Movement Sessions spotlight on the PM19 panel ‘How To Make The Ethical True Crime Podcast (And What Not To Do)’, where True Crime producers and hosts discussed how they apply the principles of journalism, ethics, and public interest when creating audio narrative podcasts (19:22).

Voices in this episode: Jen Chien (Lead Editor of 70 Million), Eve Abrams (Host of Unprisoned), Justin Ling (Host/Reporter behind Uncover: The Village), Natalie Jablonski (Producer of In The Dark), and Amber Hunt (Host/Reporter of Accused).

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