156: What You Can Learn From Fear with Tim Larkin

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By Jim Kwik, Your Brain Coach, Founder www.KwikLearning.com

156: What You Can Learn From Fear with Tim Larkin

Monday, 16 December

How do you unfreeze yourself from fear?

A self-protection advocate, author, self-defense coach, and member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame, today’s guest Tim Larkin has over two decades of experience teaching clients how to protect their own safety.

On this final part of a 3-part series with Tim, he’ll be drawing on his experience in the military and as a self-defense coach to explain how we can take the fears holding us back and turn them into opportunities for growth.

If you haven’t already listened to our first two conversations in episodes #151 (Learn Faster by Slowing Down) and #154 (Improving Your Situational Awareness), I recommend going back and listening to them as well. 

In today’s conversation, we talk about why you should listen to your fears and how they can become learning opportunities. We’ll explain how you can start taking on some of your fears through small steps, and why you should trust your instincts. We’ll leave you with some quick ideas on how you can engage with your fears and use them to benefit your daily life. 

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