AAA 451: The Motorola Scrolla

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AAA 451: The Motorola Scrolla

David Imel went hands-on with Oppo's under-display camera techARCore is rolling out new occlusion supportAndroid phones in Turkey will suffer thanks to antitrust caseSmall percentage of Americans are buying $1000 smartphonesOnePlus teases the new Concept One to be shown at CESGoogle Assistant can now translate speechAndroid Messages now includes verified SMS and Spam protectionChrome 79 rollout has been suspended due to file storage bug

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Ron - Ring Master - Increasing Ringtone Volume (FREE/IAP)
Jason - Very Little Nightmares ($6.99)
David - Snapseed
Flo - DataDex (Free/IAP/PlayPass)
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Hosts: Jason Howell, Florence Ion, and Ron Richards

Guest: David Imel

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