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Meaningful Podcasts through Empathy

Meaningful Podcasts through Empathy

By Podcast Movement

How to create meaningful podcast content empathetically. In conversations recorded on-stage and backstage at Podcast Movement, we're taking a closer look at how podcasters utilize the power of empathy in creation of award winning podcasts and how empathy can help to connect with both audience and guests alike.

We'll spotlight Maribel Quezada Smith's on-stage presentation about getting out of your comfort zone (2:17); how Maribel creates empathetic bonds with guests and her audience (6:56); reporter Amber Hunt will discuss the power of empathy in True Crime reporting (13:19); reporter Justin Ling will discuss how he builds trust with sources through empathetic relationships (15:57); We'll spotlight the Peabody Award winning podcast Believed in conversation with reporter and co-host Lindsey Smith (17:36); Lindsey on how her team connected with sources as more than simply victims of a horrific crime (23:06).

Voices in this episode: Maribel Quezada Smith (Host of Diferete), Amber Hunt (Host/Reporter of Accused), Justin Ling (Host/Reporter behind Uncover: The Village), and Lindsey Smith (Co-Host/Reporter behind Believed).

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