Episode 41: "Dick Sleeve Steve"

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

By Barstool Sports

Episode 41: "Dick Sleeve Steve"

On Today’s Episode of Million Dollaz Worth Of Game Wallo shares his Expertise in the sex toy business and unearths the truth about Gillie’s college basketball career. Also, along with Dev the fellas discuss the human’s fascination with DrugLords.

Dick Sleeve Steve (5:09)

What’s The Dildo? (7:17)

If your woman had a Scent.. (11:58)

Rules Of Raw (17:55)

Who Would You Be? Lebron, Drake or El Chapo (27:54)

Z List College Basketball Star (38:21)

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game (40:45)

Baby Oil Wrestlers (53:08)

Stories From The Cell: The Prison Picnic (58:03)

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