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Queer Culture in the Podcast World

Queer Culture in the Podcast World

By Podcast Movement

In season four's penultimate episode, we'll discuss how Queer Culture has turned to podcasting as a means of telling unique and diverse stories to a global audience. Decorated creators discuss content strategies in the podcast space and how they utilize the intimacy of the audio medium to spread meaningful messages to their growing numbers of listeners.

We'll shine our Podcast Movement Sessions spotlight on History Is Gay in conversation with co-host Leigh Pfeffer [1:57]; Leigh speaks to the increasing number of diverse voices in podcasting [6:14]; we'll hear from PM19's 'From Gay History to the Gay Future' session [10:33]; where panelists discussed how podcasting's accessibility has made it a great outlet for untold stories [12:31]; how they've grown their audience base in some unexpected ways [14:16]; how the LGBTQ+ brand of comedy is becoming more and more mainstream [15:47]; panelists give some advice for potential podcasters and content creators [17:27]; finally, we'll shine our Podcast Movement Sessions spotlight on Gay Future in conversation with co-creators Connor Wright and Christina Friel [20:32]; how their team connected with podcasting's global audience and landed on The Atlantic's "50 Best Podcasts of 2019" list [24:38].

Voices in this episode: History is Gay co-host Leigh Pfeffer, Gay Future co-creators Connor Wright and Christina Friel, and Arif Noorani (Executive Producer, CBC Podcasts).

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