S3 Ep11: Joe Colombo (Part 1)

S3 Ep11: Joe Colombo (Part 1)

By Audioboom Studios


Wednesday, 8 January

Joseph Colombo was a mid-ranking Mafioso in one of New York’s Five Families. But when Colombo decided to break one of the mob’s most important rules, his career began to skyrocket. The FBI took notice and Colombo, once again, made a daring move.

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Mafia's theme is "Spellbound Hell" by Damiano Baldoni. Music in this episode is ”Misery" by Damiano Baldoni; "Fog" and "Lucerna" by Sergey Cheremisinov; "Dark Alleys" and "Scenery" by Kai Engel; "Bankrupt" by Jahzzar; "Battalion" by krackatoa; “Waltz (Tchaikovsky Op. 40),” "On The Ground," "Deadly Roulette," and "Impact Moderato" by Kevin MacLeod.

Sound Effects from freesound.org | Additional sound effects from freesfx.co.uk. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.
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