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Ep 12: Tackling the rise in self-harm among young people

Ep 12: Tackling the rise in self-harm among young people

By MQ Mental Health Research

[Trigger warning: podcast references suicide and self-harm]

Research suggests an increasing number of young people are self-harming – and more than half of them aren’t seeking help. It’s clear this issue is rising – but why? And what can we do about it? 

In this episode of MQ Open Mind, we talk to mental health campaigner Sian and researcher Ellen to try and get to the bottom of these questions.

Sian candidly shares her own experience of self-harm and explains why we must stop asking ‘how’ and start asking ‘why’ when it comes to speaking to people who are struggling. Through her research, Ellen’s doing exactly that. She tells us about her current project, the Card Sort Task for Self-Harm, and how it could one day become a valuable tool for clinicians to use during therapy.

Together, we discuss the most damaging myths surrounding self-harm, what it means to ‘recover’ and ways to find the best treatment for each person. Sian and Ellen also answer questions from MQ supporters about copycat behaviour and how best to approach someone you’re worried about. 

See the 'It's Okay to Talk About Self-Harm' leaflet Ellen references in this episode.

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