S3 E4 - Is He Trying To Flirt? (with Bobby Norris)

S3 E4 - Is He Trying To Flirt? (with Bobby Norris)


Love Island: The Morning After

Thursday, 16 January

Did somebody say VILLA EXCLUSIVE?

This morning, our lovely pal Bobby Norris is in the studio to discuss all the important details from last night's eventful episode (but don't worry... there's still time for some hair chat)

Ollie has left the villa to pursue true love in the real world, but fear not - two new boys are entering the villa tonight...

Now aren't you a lucky bunch, because Arielle and Kem have a cheeky podcast exclusive for you this morning. We pulled the two bombshell boys for a chat and asked them how they were feeling about heading into the villa... don't say we never give you anything!

Nas got knocked down, but will he get up again? Siannise has VERY CLEARLY friendzoned him. Jess said she gravitates towards Nas, but is she just trying to keep herself safe?

Last night, Leanne and Mike were the first couple to sleep in the doghouse. Good thing they called dibs on the spare bed tbf, because it looks like it could be in demand when heads start to turn after the new boys arrive...

If you missed Love Island last night, take an hour break today and catch up on ITV Hub - because you're going to need to be ready for tonight's new arrivals.

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